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Tachyon wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet supporting Ethereum and all the ERC20 standard tokens. You can add new token by scanning QR code. For developers, it has a functionality to switch the network to connect, Mainnet/Testnet (Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan)

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About Tachyon Wallet

Take a Look Around our Wallet

You can add as many currencies as you want, by easily read QR code. Even your own created token is supported. If the token is compliant with ERC20 standard and follow our proposed ERC20MetaInfo mechanism, token symbol icon is also automatically loaded.

Your private key is securely stored on your device only. Do not forget backup your mnemonic (recovery phrase) in case you lost the device. It will recover all your wallets in the app.


Amazing Features

Useful features targeting to daily payment users, token designers, and developers. We thought cryptocurrency world seriously, and these features are our answer to it.

Multiple Currencies

You can add as many currencies as you want. You can also list your own created token with an icon.

Lightning Fast Speed

We are proposing the next generation layer 2 technology payment protocol, "Xunlei"

Add Token by QR Code

Easy way to add a token on the list by reading QR code. If you have a balance, it reflects immediately.

Touch ID and Face ID

Biometric authentication to unlock your wallet. It protects your asset more securely.

Secure Local Key Storage

Private key is securely stored in the app, not on the server side.

Developer Friendly

For developer use, you can test your own created token on Testnet.



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